Tort Claims Defense for Public Entity Risk Pools

Gibbons & Conley conducts an active practice advising public entity risk pools involving coverage issues, risk exposure, Government Code compliance and other matters. This work becomes more vital every day, as risk issues continue to appear and proliferate such as drones and cybersecurity. Our firm is prepared to address any type of legal claim facing our clients.

Experience You Can Depend On

Attorney Byrne Conley has decades of experience defending public entities in tort claims cases. As general counsel for some of California’s most prominent self-insurance pools, he has earned a sterling reputation throughout the state. Mr. Conley puts this experience to work in these areas:

  • Provision of coverage opinions
  • Assignment to outside counsel
  • Monitoring of claims
  • Ensuring Government Code compliance
  • Negotiation of settlements of claims made against risk pools
  • Appeals

Strategic Focus And Attention To Detail

Unfortunately, California has become a magnet jurisdiction for all types of civil litigation, including personal injury claims, pollution claims and alleged employment law violations. Byrne Conley and the other lawyers at our firm understand the challenges facing self-insurance pools. With breadth of vision, we see the big picture while at the same time addressing granular issues of fact and law that other attorneys may overlook. Gibbons & Conley stands ready to assist your organization.

To learn more about our services and how we can help you, contact Gibbons & Conley in Pleasant Hill by calling 925-932-3600.