Firm News

Some of our recent projects

Here are some of the matters the firm has been working on in the recent past:

  • Helped the San Diego Pooled Insurance Program Authority negotiate a merger under which the pool was able to wind up its separate operations and distribute surplus, transfer coverage for existing claims, secure protection for past claim years, and avoid termination penalties with CalPERS, while managing claims during a wind up period.
  • Helped the City of Half Moon Bay recover $18.6 million in coverage benefits after the City was hit with a large judgment for which coverage had been previously denied.
  • Helped pool member the City of Oroville secure a hearing in the California Supreme Court for what should be a landmark inverse condemnation case.
  • Helped a park and recreation self insurance pool rewrite its policies and procedures manual.
  • Secured several million dollars in assessments for a workers compensation self insurance group.
  • Helped a commercial lessor negotiate a series of lease purchases and mergers.
  • Secured a six figure recovery for the victim of a drunk driver.
  • Secured a multi million dollar recovery for a client in a life insurance dispute.
  • Lectured at risk pooling seminars on topics of insurance coverage, inverse condemnation, municipal bankruptcy, and sewer ordinances.